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The Bible Our Life's Manual

In this life we may face many obstacles, but God wants us to know that if we have questions, He has the answers.  Please take the time to not only read the Bible but study it.  You will be pleasantly surprised how the answers just jump off the pages when it comes to life situations.  It is time for us to take charge of this wonderful life God has given us and we do this by understanding the way God intended for us to live.  I pray that you journey is a blessed one.

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Jayla & The Super Fantastic Princess Party

It was a beautiful and sunny Saturday morning.  Jayla woke up so excited because she knew that today was her best friend Giana’s birthday. Jayla has been counting down the days for what seemed like weeks and it is finally here.  Giana is having a Super, Fantastic Princess Party and Jayla is ready to go


"Writing is the geometry of the soul"


Geanell Robinson



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